Business Card Game

Business Card Swag? What is it? Well, I know it’s a term not many are accustom to, but it makes sense in this article. First off, my definition of “Swag” in business is how you carry yourself as a professional–Are you sharp and ready to make new opportunities? Then your Business Swag is probably good!
Business Card Swag is important. You don’t buy 1000 business cards and keep them in your office just sitting there, collecting dust. The point of buying business cards or cheap business cards is to HAND THEM OUT! Basically, if you have 1000 business cards for more than 6 months, then you’re probably not doing a good job to promote your business.
Business Card Swag is just that! Getting out there and creating new business opportunities and being prepared at all time. How do we achieve effective Business Card Swag? It’s easier than you think and here are a few ways you can start getting you’re A-Game going:

• Think Success and be on the mission to take your business to the next level
• Make sure your business cards are attention grasping
• Opportunities are everywhere, pay attention
• Give your Business Cards to Friends
• Ask other businesses if you can place your cards in their stores

Things to Remember:
Always have your business cards on you. Make sure your business cards are well designed and represent you in a professional manner—cheap business cards aren’t always the right way to go. Make and take opportunities, you never know who may need need your services. I’ve pumped gas or in line at the grocery store and I find an opportunity, do the same!

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